Mystery relay

Alan Cordeiro alancordeiro at
Sat Sep 20 20:28:03 EDT 2003

Found while cleaning out under the drivers seat, a relay with
the part number 443 919 578 F

It has 295 written up on top of it

What does it do, did it come out from under the seat while I was
rummaging around. Bentley does not show any relays that
would be under the seat.



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> > Does anyone know if this is the same distributor and/or gear used on the
> > na engine?  Did the 20v na engine have the plastic gear too?  If so, I
> > assume that the few metal gears floating around could also be used on
> > 20v 90's and Coupe Quattro's?
> The gears are the same for all 20V distributor engines.  Of the 125 gears
> produced for the group purchase, about half were sold to 89 chassis 20V
> owners.  Although the distributors have different part numbers they are
> interchangeable, BTDT, only the rotor having a narrower tip on the 3B than
> that of the 7A.
> Bernie
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