Hoses and adhesives

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sun Sep 21 13:25:15 EDT 2003

> From: "Alan Cordeiro" <alancordeiro at comcast.net>
> For all out there on this very subject, an important warning.
> About 15 months ago, I sprung a radiator leak, and realizing it was futile
> to fix the 11 year old, put in a new radiator (OEM plastic). While I had
> the PS pump out, I did the long overdue rebuild, and for good measure
> decided to replace a few original hoses as well.
> The turbo coolant line hose is a 3/8" hose, and I was lucky to find a
> section
> in my "odds and ends" parts bin.
> Last week, I sprung a coolant leak, made it home by filling (plain water)
> twice
> along the way, and not putting the cap on to reduce the pressure buildup.
> I discovered the turbo coolant hose had torn. Taking it to the FLAPS,
> I asked the counter guy for a coolant hose in the same size as my sample.
> He came back and asked me to clarify if I wanted and emissions hose
> or a coolant hose. I told him "NO!! "COOLANT". His reply was that the hose
> he had been given by me was an emissions hose.
> Moral of story:: Don't use an emissions hose by mistake on a coolant line
> Alan
No big worry IMO Alan.

Any hose suitable for oil should have no problem with ethylene glycol, and
visa versa.  Especially at the low pressures involved here.


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