rear rotor wear limit

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon Sep 22 18:17:12 EDT 2003

I can't find the rear rotor wear limit in the Bentley. They seem to show
the limit for the solid rotors when talking about the vented. Anyone
know for sure?

you are sharper eyed than I was!  I read/misread that and went out and got
new rotors I didn't need.
(I didn't get full records when I bought the car)
The wear limit on the fronts is 2 mm.  I would think using the same or a bit
less on the rears is a good measure.  The new ones I ordered were 19.97 or
20MM vs the 19.9 of my "old" ones.  To avoid the reshipping charge, I
installed the new.  You can have my new used ones for $50 shipped if you
decide yours are worn.  Otherwise I'm keeping them for and UrQ rear upgrade.
Autozone has ordered me the calipers.  They say $75, $35 core.  I am hoping
they are right, NAPA keeps getting me the wrong caliper.  (either way at
$110 no core, a great way to get rear vented rotor calipers!) Another "good"
FLAPS has the rebuilt caliper with new carrier and pads for $135.  A good
deal in my book considering the Blau price, but if you don't do an axle,
what good are pads for one wheel?

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