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OR you decide to not be a dumb bucket and wait for the check to clear the b=
ank protocols before any action on your part, for people you do not know or=
 trust. If I got a check from Jon Archibald, or Michael Cunningham, product=
 shipped immediately, prolly before I got the check, now  a check from Igor=
 Benzky, or Burnsky Igoresky well the check is cleared before the box has t=
ape and postage on it, let alone sent, seems like common sense ehh? DUH, yo=
u wanna get burnt on internet transactions, just turn off your brain
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  A similar situation happened to this guy:

  Here's how the scam works. A buyer offers to buy the car and sends you an
  authentic looking cashier's check, however, through some "mistake" the
  cashier's check is made out for an amount greater than the agreed to pric=
  The buyer, realizing his mistake, contacts you and asks you to send the
  difference back to him.  You agree.  The cashier's check turns out to be
  counterfeit or stolen, however, by the time your bank realizes the mistak=
  you're already out the money.



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