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   My car was in shop for timing belt job.  I have dealt with the samco
hoses for a year now. The last O.E. hose I bought only lasted a period of 15
months and that is the reason I chose Samcos.
    I drove the car out of a very well respected audi shop yesterday and the
hose popped off in less than a mile. The owner of the shop worked on it and
he wanted to position the clamp too far in and it would spurt off the end of
the hose every time we tightened it.
    The silicon rubber is like jello. It wants to spurt out from under any
clamps. I have used the heavy duty units supplied with the group buy and
they are too wide. The only way they stay put is to keep the centerline of
the clamp and the raised part of the nipple in line.
   I now have a narrow band clamp like original and I will test in the
future. All is holding so far.
               Be aware; it is not as easy as it looks and when it pops off
on the interstate, the car dies immediately and is not going anywhere until
you get it back on.
                        ^Tom 91 200-20v blk/blk IA stage III 16 pounds max.
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>Those look both nice (effective) and affordable!
>If someone already know the answer, would they mind telling me which sizes
>would be best for a 200q20v?
>I too am getting Samco hoses for mine, which is halfway done getting its
>tranny and clutch replaced (yay!).
>(Yes I know could measure them myself, but I have no internet access at
>home and I would like to order them today before I'm at home, to install
>them along with the hoses at the same time.)
>Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca wrote:
>Hi Igor;
>I used Breeze constant torque clamps on my Samco hoses
>They are impressively heavy-duty and have held just fine, although I have
>not chipped the car.
>Fred Munro
>'94 S4
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>I've been sucessefully using the SS, rolled clamps from McMaster for my
>hoses. Now with the full Samco treatment under the hood I have made a
>sad discovery. The hoses work themselves loose within a couple of
>months. Last time the hose blew off at 7,000 and 24 psi of boost as I
>was racing a neu S4. With a very loud "POP" to my embarassment. It's the
>one which connects to the BOV thru the barb to the turbo-to-crosspipe. I
>fixed it on the side of the road with the phillips screwdriver to the
>joy of the onlookers.
>Last night as I was changing the oil I decided to go over all of the
>clamps with the 7mm socket just for the hell of it. Guess what? Every
>damn hose clamp was loose! They turn into regular mainetence items. What
>a PITA! I feel this is happening because the Si Samco hoses are so sleek
>to the touch.
>So, the inquiring minds would like to know what the cat's meow in the
>world of the turbo hose clamps?
>Igor Kessel
>two turbo quattros>>
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