Hose clamps

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Wed Sep 24 16:56:42 EDT 2003

So what's so great about Samco hoses?
They don't flex as much, so retain more boost or something?
Is there a quantitative figure out there so we can see the actual benefit
that this hose offers?


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>    My car was in shop for timing belt job.  I have dealt with the samco
> hoses for a year now. The last O.E. hose I bought only lasted a period of
> months and that is the reason I chose Samcos.
>     I drove the car out of a very well respected audi shop yesterday and
> hose popped off in less than a mile. The owner of the shop worked on it
> he wanted to position the clamp too far in and it would spurt off the end
> the hose every time we tightened it.
>     The silicon rubber is like jello. It wants to spurt out from under any
> clamps. I have used the heavy duty units supplied with the group buy and
> they are too wide. The only way they stay put is to keep the centerline of
> the clamp and the raised part of the nipple in line.
>    I now have a narrow band clamp like original and I will test in the
> future. All is holding so far.
>                Be aware; it is not as easy as it looks and when it pops
> on the interstate, the car dies immediately and is not going anywhere
> you get it back on.
>                         ^Tom 91 200-20v blk/blk IA stage III 16 pounds
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> >Hi,
> >
> >Those look both nice (effective) and affordable!
> >
> >If someone already know the answer, would they mind telling me which
> >would be best for a 200q20v?
> >
> >I too am getting Samco hoses for mine, which is halfway done getting its
> >tranny and clutch replaced (yay!).
> >
> >(Yes I know could measure them myself, but I have no internet access at
> >home and I would like to order them today before I'm at home, to install
> >them along with the hoses at the same time.)
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Ken
> >
> >Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca wrote:
> ><<
> >Hi Igor;
> >I used Breeze constant torque clamps on my Samco hoses
> >http://www.partssystems.com/shop/products.html?category_id=CTORQUE
> >They are impressively heavy-duty and have held just fine, although I have
> >not chipped the car.
> >Fred Munro
> >'94 S4
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> >Folks,
> >I've been sucessefully using the SS, rolled clamps from McMaster for my
> >hoses. Now with the full Samco treatment under the hood I have made a
> >sad discovery. The hoses work themselves loose within a couple of
> >months. Last time the hose blew off at 7,000 and 24 psi of boost as I
> >was racing a neu S4. With a very loud "POP" to my embarassment. It's the
> >one which connects to the BOV thru the barb to the turbo-to-crosspipe. I
> >fixed it on the side of the road with the phillips screwdriver to the
> >joy of the onlookers.
> >Last night as I was changing the oil I decided to go over all of the
> >clamps with the 7mm socket just for the hell of it. Guess what? Every
> >damn hose clamp was loose! They turn into regular mainetence items. What
> >a PITA! I feel this is happening because the Si Samco hoses are so sleek
> >to the touch.
> >So, the inquiring minds would like to know what the cat's meow in the
> >world of the turbo hose clamps?
> >--
> >Igor Kessel
> >two turbo quattros>>
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