Changing Lower Radiator Hose and Thermostat

Henry A Harper III hah at
Thu Sep 25 11:35:31 EDT 2003

I don't think "quickly" applies to a T-stat change, unless maybe you have
really small hands. The good news is if your T-stat was not functioning
properly (mine was opening too early) you can expect an economy increase on the
order of 10% from replacing it.

Do you still have the aux radiator? That's the low point so it's pretty easy to
pull the bumper cover (brake ducts if you still have those, turn signal
sockets, two 8?mm allens from below) and pull off a hose there to drain it.
Lower hose of main radiator is another story.

Some people say to take loose the hydraulic pump, but for some reason it didn't
look like that would help on mine - bracket would still be in the way or
something. I think I first drained (most of...) the coolant from aux rad after
looking things over, then took loose both main-rad-to-engine hoses and the fan
switch connector at bottom of main rad in order to access T-stat cover.

Henry Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 119.9k, new t-stat in May, now time for t-belt stuff
1988 GTI 16v, 237k

On Wednesday, September 24, 2003 9:56 PM, adelphia [SMTP:g_dion at]
> All
> Does anybody have any helpful hints how to quickly change out the lower
> radiator hose and T stat? I replaced several other hoses including the
> Crankcase breather hose, but quit after looking at how tight the t stat area
> is. Any clues will be appreciated.
> PS is there a drain plug on the Radiator somewhere, or do I just catch the
> run off from the lower radiator hose?

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