Samco hose clamps etc...

Joshua C smuckycat at
Thu Sep 25 15:25:26 EDT 2003

I got the SAMCO hoses over a year ago and have not had a problem with
loosening clamps (I went and checked today just to be sure).  I got my
clamps at a West Marine shop as most boating hardware is SS, I took the
hoses in with me to size the clamps.  They are made by Shields Rubber, I
belive that the nuts may be nylon  filled, or some high temp plastic (my
recollection, can't see easily) in a steel shell.  I had to use a
traditional style hose clamp on the BPV..but again no problems.  The
threaded rods on the clamps were too long and I had to buzz them off once
installed.  The hoses are a tight fit but I removed the intercooler and
cleaned it and replaced the O-ring at the same time so I belive it made it

Advantages...well they don't rot due to oil collection, and you don't need
to worry about them blowing.  Plus they look cool.  ( they have similar HP
gains to painted calipers)

Good Luck!
Joshua Cummings

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