violent bucking when reaching 1 bar boost( kinda long)

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at
Thu Sep 25 21:33:06 EDT 2003


> my car did the same thing,once it started it did it
> would cut out...but i drove it home and it was fine
> again and hasen't done it since..the only thing i can
> think of is that when it did it, i had just gotten
> into full boost 2 times in a row and then it acted
> it could be that when it is under boost for an
> extended period and somthing gets hot, or heat
> soaked.... im going to do a pressure test hopefully it
> will turn out ok....seems like this is a fairly common
> problem.  cant wait to figure out what it is...any
> ideas?

I had very similar problems. My garage did not put any new items into
the car. They only made sure, all eletrical connections where in order.
Since then (10 month ago), I have had no more bucking.


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