Center Muffler

Randy McCall redrandy at
Thu Apr 1 01:47:11 EST 2004

Slight difference of opinion here...

When I bought my 200 20V Avant, the PO had installed straight pipes along
with a new rear muffler from Stebro.  The system had a resonance at around
50-60 mph that was obnoxious at best.  After living with it for about a year
and a half, my wife convinced me to put a center muffler back in.  I gave up
trying to find a used one that wasn't already rotted out.  Instead I bought
a Stebro Center resonator.  I had a muffler shop weld in the new muff (the
straight pipes were welded to the cats, so the Audi clamps were gone in the
front of the center muffler). Fit great, sounds great, problem solved.
Overall sound is aggressive, but not unpleasantly loud.  Price in July 2003
was $380.  Well worth the coin...(in my wife's opinion).


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> On my 200, the PO had omitted the center muffler.  The exhaust did not
> any louder than any other 200 to me.  There was a very minor drone at
> certain highway speeds, but nothing worth addressing.
> Tom Mullane

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