Alternatives for the Gear/Tooth Belt Tensioners

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Apr 1 09:36:28 EST 2004

At 7:24 AM -0500 4/1/04, MPalatas at wrote:
>Does anyone know of a harder (stainless steel?) alternative to the stock
>setup for either the belt tensioner gear teeth part or the gear 
>drive part for the
>A/C or Alternator?  I've got a stripped drive gear.

No, I don't. It is much less likely to strip if _all_ the appropriate 
bolts are loosened before tensioning the belt. It's easy to miss one 
of those bolts (5 of 'em, I recall), and then a stripped gear is the 
likely result; however a replacement gear costs only $5. A liberal 
application of antiseize compound on the shaft of the  gear's "axle" 
bolt is also a good idea.


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Rochester, NY USA
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