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On this (exhaust) note - I am in process of resurrecting an '87 5ktq avant.  Most of the goodies and best parts from the '87 pearl that got totalled will be going into an '88 pearl.

My question is regarding the Stebro cat back system that was in the '87.  I want to re-use the system as it is fairly new, nice sound and power and pretty Stainless tip.  The downside, I'd like to eliminate is it had a drone at between 2300 and 2700 RPM which is where the gearing is best for Highway cruising.  i found this to be annoying on long trips.  At higher cruising speeds, the noise would go away, but then so would my license, as that would have me cruising at speeds above 75 MPH.

I'd like to eliminate this if possible.  Would it be good to install a different resonator or some kind of muffler inplace of the Stebro resonator?   Any kind of modification I can make for quieter cruising?

Details on the car:

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Purely FYI .

I have heard a 10vtq with NO muffling device of any kind and I  was amazed
at how reasonably quiet it was. Don't get me wrong, it was a dedicated track
car and was way too loud for the street. But since the turbo provides some
muffling itself, it was much quieter to these ears than NA engines with
straight pipes that I've heard before.

With this in mind, and given the fact that I would not mind a little more
sound that the stock WOOSH; If/when I'm in your situation, I will definitely
be willing to try omitting the center muffler altogether. If it turned out
to be too loud,  I could always add a glass pack (which should be cheap) in
the center muffler location.

There it $0.02

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina]

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