Incredible video of Walter Rohl

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Thu Apr 1 11:16:23 EST 2004

That is a great clip, IMO one of the best that can be found on one of the
Audi Quattro videos..I want to say "Victory of an Idea" but a part of me
says that's not right.

My wife bought me 4 of the videos a couple years back, I think they had to
be copied to VHS from a European format.  The quality is horrible, music
cheesy, but the footage and motor sounds are awesome.

Brandon Rogers

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Hi Brandon,

> mms://

very nice.

> Walter Rohl in a Sport quattro.

His lastname, btw, is Röhrl.

Two, three years ago he tested a than current World-Rally-Car against a
Audi S1 (I _think_ it was the one from MTM).

His verdict: The current cars lack power :-), but are way easier to drive.

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