center muffler

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu Apr 1 13:20:06 EST 2004


I have no BTDT with Flowmaster and have only catalog searched and selected
their quietest 70 series as a possible replacement for the dual exhaust
requirement of the 200Q-20V, and remembering that the line has a wide
variety of configurations, one of which may fit the 10V system.

If your constraints are the thin wallet, and you have several stock 10V
center units on hand, why not install one of them in your system with a
pressure tap with which you can monitor back pressure.  You may likely find
that it is quieter and not too restrictive, and may sufice for a reasonable


> From: "Ben Swann" <benswann at>
> Bernie,
> Unfortunately my wallet is not so fat that I can order another center
> muffler section.  If I made a mistake getting the Stebro, then I'd like to
> find a workaround.  I feel the Stebro is a nice peice, but this one has some
> resonance that I feel could/should be tuned out.
> Are you suggesting that I simply remove the center muffler from the piping
> and weld  another in place, such as the flowmaster?  I can do that, and sort
> of what I had in mind, but I thought it was the resonator that is causing
> the problem, perhaps not.  I also have two complete 5kq systems to work
> with, but was hoping not to revert to these, but if a component could be
> used, without sacrificing power, then I'd do it.
> Who handles the Flomaster or other good one - then I can excise the Stebro
> and install a quieter substitute.
> Ben

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