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Fri Apr 2 08:20:31 EST 2004

Did anyone else notice the Marketplace advertisement from Motodyne attached

I seem to recall Motodyne was a "business" that may be related to Robert
Hack and a thread or two on the list associated scam and dishonesty with
this business and individual.

Who knows - maybe Motodyne is actually a honest business?  Regardless, the
ad below describes amusing product offerings, including a tail pipe that
makes your car go "whoosh" and hub caps that make it appear that your car
is still rolling when it is not.

You guys wasting your money on RS2 components should immediately cancel
your RS2 part orders and get some of this stuff.

: -)


===Forwarded Advertisement
Section:  Parts
Title: & Motodyne team
Price:    13.00
Location: Seattle

Date:     April 01, 2004
Contact:  Ben
Email:    Ben at
Phone:    425-941-1938


I'm please to announce that Quattro and Motodyne have merged to
bring the Audi community into the 21st century. First we offer a universal
supercharger for any Audi owner looking to add a little "umph" under the
hood. Next we have for immediate delivery is the patented "Turbo Tip". This
will add the fantastic "whoosh" sound to your Audi with out increasing fuel
consunption. For all you "ganstas" out there on a shoestring budget we
produce the worlds finext "Spinna" hub caps. Roll up to any stop lights,
and these will give he perception that your hub caps are still rolling! For
all those wanting more light to fire up the night roads, we offer our
answer to expensive HID kits. Euro Dezigns supper blue head light bulbs!
Looks like HID, and decreases light output atthe same time. Please do not
call after 9pm, my mother will be angry (I live in the basement, I won't
hear the phone ring).


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