Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Mon Apr 5 03:53:20 EDT 2004

          I got the Blau Euros for my 91 200TQ20V
last year. One of my 100/80 watt bulbs burned out on the 100W so I
replaced both with the PIAA Super Extreme White.  I also was very
disappointed. I will go back to what I had or move up to the Hella
100/80 +30 bulbs which are ony 17.00 each.
          I tried the PIAA due to the excessive heat of the high wattage
bulbs. Some discoloration and slight melting on the white 3 prong
connector. I will live with the heat to have the better light.  
         What did you switch to from the PIAA?

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