Fumato Oil Drain Plug Is Junk

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Mon Apr 5 05:28:19 EDT 2004

I posted here back in Sept. 2003 about switching to the Fumato oil drain
after going through 3 oil drain plugs.
I had a 2 qt leak and checked the plug and it was hand loose. I
tightened it back with a crescent wrench as you cant get a regular
wrench around it. It doesnt seem to be a standard size and is a weird
shape. It also seems lie there is not enough threads to tighten it
properly. When I remove it I will compare the depth to the OEM plug. The
dealer put it on at my 105,000 mile oil change. I keep my book stamped
which is the ONLY time I go to the dealer. The mechanic had to destroy
my 3rd oil drain plug because he could not get it off. I had the Fumato
sitting on a shelf at home for over a year because I had been hesitant
about using it, FOR GOOD REASON. I am at 108,000 now. 
I did an oil and filter change and tightened the Fumato the best I
could, It still leaks out of te "closed" drain hole. I have ordered the
original plug and will do another oil and filter change when it arrives.
I use Mobil 1 so it is not cheap. I guess that I will have a spare oil
drain plug on the shelf now at all times and probably just use a new one
with each oil change.
Brett was right in his post in Sept. about the Fumato. It is junk! Also
our car is fairly low to the ground anyway and road debris or whatever
can cause damage to the low hanging Fumato junk plug and make oil leak
like hell.   
Where can I get this innie plug the Porsche 944 uses? What is the part

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