Fumato Oil Drain Plug Is Junk

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Mon Apr 5 10:05:08 EDT 2004

Sorry to hear about all your troubles.I have read a lot about these drain
plug problems, and I also had trouble with one when I first got my S4. Now I
have a routine that works very nicely.  I remove the drain plug with a 6
sided socket and 1/2" breaker bar, sometimes adding a pipe for a little more
leverage. When the plug is just about to drop out, I tilt it to get a nice
rapid controlled flow. I then replace it using a 3/8" ratchet. I use this
smaller wrench so I don't over tighten it. It will still be plenty tight. I
also have reused the sealing washer more than five times, with absolutely no
leaks. I don't think it ever needs to be replaced.  HTH
 ps. I also tried a Fumoto..didn't align right so I got rid of it.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> I posted here back in Sept. 2003 about switching to the Fumato oil drain
> after going through 3 oil drain plugs.
> I had a 2 qt leak and checked the plug and it was hand loose. I
> tightened it back with a crescent wrench as you cant get a regular
> wrench around it. It doesnt seem to be a standard size and is a weird
> shape. It also seems lie there is not enough threads to tighten it
> properly. When I remove it I will compare the depth to the OEM plug. The
> dealer put it on at my 105,000 mile oil change. I keep my book stamped
> which is the ONLY time I go to the dealer. The mechanic had to destroy
> my 3rd oil drain plug because he could not get it off. I had the Fumato
> sitting on a shelf at home for over a year because I had been hesitant
> about using it, FOR GOOD REASON. I am at 108,000 now.
> I did an oil and filter change and tightened the Fumato the best I
> could, It still leaks out of te "closed" drain hole. I have ordered the
> original plug and will do another oil and filter change when it arrives.
> I use Mobil 1 so it is not cheap. I guess that I will have a spare oil
> drain plug on the shelf now at all times and probably just use a new one
> with each oil change.
> Brett was right in his post in Sept. about the Fumato. It is junk! Also
> our car is fairly low to the ground anyway and road debris or whatever
> can cause damage to the low hanging Fumato junk plug and make oil leak
> like hell.
> Where can I get this innie plug the Porsche 944 uses? What is the part
> no.?
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