help diagnose fuel pump issue please

feelstranger feelstranger at
Tue Apr 6 08:45:59 EDT 2004

Hello all. Seemed so quiet here lately so I thought it an opportune time to get help diagnosing a problem with an '88 5K csTQA (gasp).   I know off topic but so close..
Here is the deal.  
Fuel pump was whining - replaced pump with new bosch, replace fuel filter.  Pump is still *VERY* loud - only thing you hear inside - or 15 yards away.
I have found no pinched fuel lines and the car runs fine.  I suspected either the accumulator, fuel pressure regulator.  But I recently learned that the unit mounted to the top of the pump- attached to the check valve- is a 'noise dampener'  that at least one person told me was bad on his..
So, any BTDT's or tips?

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