Colorado (and other) Speeding Ticks

Wed Apr 7 08:36:45 EDT 2004

Generally speaking, when you get a ticket in another state, it's best to pay it quickly and move on.
 I've been driving for 25 years and have never gotten a speeding ticket conviction in New England. 
I have had 5 in NY and my wife has had 1 in NY.  I got my last one five or six years ago in NJ and
Bonnie got one about a year ago in NY.  As far as NH (my home state) knows my record is clean and so
is my wife's.  Since I've been guilty 100% of the time...I've paid it and moved on.  I'm not aware
of ANY state that exercises reciprocity if you pay up quickly.  For fun, I've never bothered to sign
these old tickets and plead guilty, I've only paid the fine.  

I did get busted in NH last year for 84 in a 55.  I think the cop was "doing me a favor" by keeping
it under 30MPH over.  I was on my way to a Sunday morning class at 6AM with no traffic and bright
sunshine.  I was probably doing closer to 90.  I was offered the opportunity to arbitrate the ticket
instead of going to court.... but without losing my right to go to court if I didn't like the
findings.  There were better than even odds I would have lost my license for 30 days and faced a
stiff fine if found guilty.  I met with a high ranking state trooper at the arbitration hearing and
told him that I was guilty ("probably going even faster"), but embarrassed, as I don't usually drive
that quickly on the road and have spent a great deal of my own time and money teaching others to
drive safely on the track and in the snow.  I asked if he might be willing to put the findings aside
as they sometimes do for multiple offenders since I have been "good" already for 24 years.  He said
that he would and that I needed to stay "clean" for six months.  "You've gone 24 years, you can go
another six months," he said.  If I had gotten busted in the next six months I would have had both
tickets, and one serious problem.  The time passed and the record is gone...  try it if you dare



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