Colorado speeding tickets

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Wed Apr 7 11:32:20 EDT 2004

what???  Never heard of this.  Been living here for over 25 years.  Sounds
like urban myth to me...

that said my understanding is that Colorado does now reciprocate with some
or all states.  I believe they didn't do this years back.

But I must say I haven't gotten a ticket in years, so I can't say for 100%


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> Does any one know if Colorado notifies your home state if you get a
> ticket?
> They have an interesting system (I fell for it).  They send out a decoy
> (decked out Benz) traveling at 90+, and wait for a few high speed
> than stop the whole pack for speeding.  The officer states that if you pay
> ticket on time $65 for 90 in a 75, they won't notify your home state.
> Does any one know if that is a true statement?
> Pete
> 91 Avant
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