Tranny Oil G005000 Amount Needed

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Wed Apr 7 19:37:30 EDT 2004

I used a small pump type tool, one end fits on the oil bottle
and there is a longer hose end that goes into the transmission.

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> How many litres of G005000 do I need to drain and refill the tranny? I
> am guessing 2 litres.
> Nowhere in the Bentley does it say how much.
> Now, when I find out how much I need the next question is how to do it.
> I have heard that you should take off the fill hex bolt first because if
> you take off the drain hex bolt and find that you cant get the fill bolt
> off you got a tranny with no oil. 
> Are both hex bolts 17mm?
> I have also heard that not all of the old oil will drain out and that
> you will have half a litre left over and that you should drive the car
> around the block and then top it off with the remaining half litre. Is
> this correct?
> What is the best type of funnel or hose to get the new oil in with?
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