Timing belt issue - code 2113

S. Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Wed Apr 7 21:39:06 EDT 2004

    I just replaced timing belt on my '91 200 at 160K miles. This was my 
3rd timing belt job in the last year - my son's 4k and daughter in law's 
5k, both without a hitch. I did the full job, replacing water pump, 
bearing and both seals (camshaft seal was leaking badly).   All appeared 
to go well until the road test.  After a couple of miles the car lurched 
very violently (appears to temporarily stall out) just before shift 
points while accelerating (3rd gear appears worse).  If I feather foot I 
generally don't get the shudder.  I  dumped a 2113 error code: hall 
sender, distributer alignment, position of reference pin incorrect, some 
of the Bentley sources.  There were other sources listed in the Bentley 
... but not very useful without specific referenced test equipment. My 
first guess was belt alignment, but I checked it before, after and again 
after the problem was noted.  I had to take off the cam sprocket to 
replace the seal, but not possible to mis-align this, it is slotted.  
The distributor hash marks and O on flywheel (very hard to see - rusty) 
in transmission  housing slot line up and since I didn't loosen the 
distributer, they shouldn't have moved.  The cam gear mark is perfectly 
aligned at top arrow on cam cover when other two are aligned.  My local 
wrench gave some free advice ... check it twice (thrice as it were) and 
this was well worth the price I paid.  It's still aligned.  One other 
factor - I hosed out the intercooler - I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, 
its finally warming up  - it was there and opened for the first time in 
five or more years.  I drained and dried it overnight before assembly.  
Also I'm wondering if somehow while re-attaching the distributer cap I 
may have severed a wire or connection in the area around the distributor 
like hall sender and/or connections.  I didn't notice anything, it's 
just so hard to get that damn thing back on ... it took some extra made 
up words used for these special fun wrenching situations to get it back 
on.  But, hall sender problems are usually related to starting, stalling 
issues.  Any ideas from this way-learned group.  I'm frankly out of 
ideas and especially expertise.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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