Fumoto Oil Drain Plug

motogo1 motogo1 at cox.net
Thu Apr 8 14:43:22 EDT 2004

Just a question. I know filters are cheap, but in the maintenance manual for
my S4, it recommends oil change at 7500 and filter at 15,000. Why would a
car manufacturer recommend these specs??

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

> > You guys are changing oil and filters far to often, IMO!  Once a year in
> > nice weather, or oil at 10K and filter at 20K are an easy to remember
> > milestones.  The other philosophy to which I subscribe and recommend to
> > non wrenching son is to never change oil, just change cars every 200K.
> IMHO is changing the oil without changing the filter just like taking a
> shower and reusing the dirty underwear, or changing underwear without
> a shower..
> The filter is $10 at the dealer even here in Norway, no big deal.
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