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Gary Martin's question was : "Why would a car manufacturer recommend these 
and my reply was " because they (the manufacturer/dealer) wants you to come 
back soon and buy another (sic) car. "

And just to be clear, although you recommend the orange filter, not all of 
the orange filters that fit the audi engines have the anti-drain back 
valve, and furthermore...have consistently tested worse for capturing small 

So going with your line of thinking, by using a new black filter that I buy 
at less than $5, I have the same ability to capture particles with the new 
filter that you have at 15k ( when your orange filter has accumulated 
sufficient debris to "improve" its filtering capacity.) - too bad about 
those first 15kmiles, when those small particles weren't captured.



At 03:22 PM 4/8/2004, you wrote:
>Who is the "they" to which you refer that want you to to buy a new oil
>The serious answer to your Q is that all filters improve in particle size
>filteration with age/use as they accumulate filtered out debris.  The
>usefulness of this continuing improvement diminishes only when the flow
>through the filter is restricted sufficiently to cause the filter's bypass
>valve to crack open thus allowing some of the oil to bypass the filter.  So,
>at 15K your filter is operating at peak efficiency.  DFI if IAB!
>I'll stick with my used Orange one rather than a new black one!
> > From: Peter Schulz <pcschulz at comcast.net>
> >
> > cant resist this one....
> >
> > Because they want you to come back soon and buy a new one
> >
> > -peter
> >
> > At 05:45 PM 4/8/2004, motogo1 wrote:
> >> Just a question. I know filters are cheap, but in the maintenance 
> manual for
> >> my S4, it recommends oil change at 7500 and filter at 15,000. Why would a
> >> car manufacturer recommend these specs??
> >>
> >> Gary Martin
> >> 94 UrS4
> >> 91 200 TQA
> >>

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