low boost/leaking valve cover gasket

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Apr 8 22:46:13 EDT 2004

> From: "Joshua C" <smuckycat at hotmail.com>
> Listers,
> This evening leaving work I noticed my car only made 1.2 bar where it used
> to easily make 1.9 (I have an MRC ECU installed) so when I finished the
> short drive home I popped the hood and can see clearly that I have a valve
> cover gasket leak which is very new.  Would a leaking gasket affect the
> boost?
Not likely, but a restricted CC vent system could, and also be causing your
VC gasket leak.
> Also I have looked in Bentley for valve cover torquing specs and can't find
> them, anyone have any guidance?  Any surprises to expect in the replacement?
> On the oil filter banter, I was talking to one of the Army guys at work and
> he told me that they use Mobil 1 in their Hummers and service includes
> changing the filter only and toping off the Mobil 1, I don't recall the
> intervals....me I use Mobil 1 and the black filters every 5k, maybe it could
> go to 15k...but it's cheap insurance.
Can't hurt much, but only if you believe that it is insurance againt
something specific, is it cheap.  The "replace anything just because it is
replaceable, whether it needs or not" syndrome is, IMO negative insurnace.
BTDT with 4 high mileage Audis with never a VC leak, and never M1.  10K and
20K+/- 5K are easy to remember numbers, don't sweat it!


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