PIAA & Hella High Wattage Bulbs & Bad Bulb Holder Insert Ring

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Fri Apr 9 00:34:31 EDT 2004

          I just put back in the Hella 100/80 bulbs tonight. I just
needed 1 bulb as the low burned out after only 7 months on one of the
bulbs. I got the bulb locally at a small Euro speed shop  for only
$13.00 It is the exact same bulb that I got from Blau.
          The PIAA lights are false advertising 65/55 equals 135/115 or
somethig light that. 
They even list these bulbs as being the higher wattage equivalent on
thier site. I even got a good deal on mine at $65.00 as some wanted
$85.00. I will sell them on Ebay as used.
          Nothing can replace real high wattage halogen bulbs. I talked
with the Hella people and they said that thier best H4 bulb is the
Optilux XB 100/80 +30 Xenon Blue Pair Pt. No. 88991. They are around
$43.00 a set. 
         Hella said that they used to make halogens in 110/85, 100/130
and 130/100.
He said they quit making these because of heat. I have read on Audi
World some listers that have used the higher wattage bulbs with good
results and no heat problems.
         What I thought was a heat problem was only cheap white plastic
and poor design on the Hella lamp assembly. The round copper colored
ring with the white plastic ring and handles that secures the bulb to
the back of the lamp. Mine broke on both sides where the plastic meets
the handle. The plastic is very thin there. It makes it damn hard to
change bulbs.
        www.puma-access.com carries extra of these ring assys. in stock
as it is a common problem even for those using low wattage blubs. They
dont have them on the website, you have to call them and ask. They are
$4.00 each. I might try to have some little metal handles welded on
       I have read that those who use the 130/100 bulbs aim them a 1/4
inch lower so that they dont blind anyone and that works fine.

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