Fumoto Oil Drain Plug

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Fri Apr 9 10:46:42 EDT 2004

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>> The serious answer to your Q is that all filters improve in particle size
>> filteration with age/use as they accumulate filtered out debris.
> as flow rate diminishes ?
No.  Oil flow is a function of the pump delivery capacity and the total
pressure drop of the system.  I = E / R.  Filter pressure drop is a small
part of the total R and is capped by a zener diode, its internal bypass
>> The
>> usefulness of this continuing improvement diminishes only when the flow
>> through the filter is restricted sufficiently to cause the filter's bypass
>> valve to crack open thus allowing some of the oil to bypass the filter.
> and after how many miles does this occur ?  If the oil still gets through,
> why bother changing the oil/filter at all - especially if nothing is broken !
Auto manufacturers are telling you that it is well beyond 15K with today's
oils.  After which only some of the oil bypasses the filter.  As I tell my
all thumbs son, don't change oil, just change cars every 200K.
>> So,
>> at 15K your filter is operating at peak efficiency.  DFI if IAB!
> So, why do a single thing to a car from new ?
Good Q!  It helps those of our ilk to bond with the car.
>> I'll stick with my used Orange one rather than a new black one!
> wow,  it's a good thing you aren't involved in the aircraft industry !
They don't like Orange?
> on another note, orange filters have a drainback valve ?  90% of engine
> wear is on cold startup and if all/most oil has drained back from upper
> system (head, cooler, etc.) what might the situation be ? (at least for a
> short but critical time).
All filters meeting Audi specs have the bypass and drainback valve.  Oil
does not drain out of bearing and ring clearances, because of capilary
action.  Full film lubrication is reestablished in the first 1/8th turn.
> Uhmmmm .... no disrespect here but your consistent reasoning suggests you
> might be involved in academia ?
Only as required for BSME, MSEE, MBA, now retired.

> just curious,
> Steve H.
> Huntington, CT 

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