AC-clutch lining thickness? [was: What's hangin' outa the front of my A/C compressor?]

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Sat Apr 10 20:25:11 EDT 2004

Does anyone know the thickness of a new AC clutch lining and what kind of 
friction material it is? 

Turns out my AC problem was the bolt that holds the clutch plate onto 
the end of the shaft fell off so the friction plate slipped off the end.  
(Never heard that on the list before.) It must've worked it's way loose 
after 95K miles. 

The clutch plate is so thin after all those miles that it's barely above 
the rivets that hole it on, so I figure to reline it rather than only put 
on a new bolt and washer and pray.  I need to know what thickness to make 
the new lining, however.  The thinnest material carried by the one friction 
shop I talked to is 1/8 inch.  I have no idea how that compares to a new 

FWIW, the entire clutch plate (i.e. friction material riveted to a hub) 
is not available as a replacement part (that SJM or Parts Connection Rod 
or a dealer knows about).  A new clutch assy is $500 from a dealer and 
~1/4 that aftermarket but it's not the same part (larger pulley) so that 
makes me reluctant to use one. 

Any other advice would be appreciated. 


Ukiah, CA 

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