Timing belt issue - code 2113 (gone)

S. Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Sat Apr 10 21:49:00 EDT 2004

    Finally got the system aligned .. codes gone..  Turns out that my 
initial look at the transmission housing slot when cam was aligned I 
noticed a very light impression of part of a 0.  After cleaning it 
w/brake cleaner it looked less like a 0 and more like some very uniform 
scratches.  I continued to turn the engine and about 3 inches of 
clockwise rotation on the flywheel I saw a real indented hash mark 
(line) on the flywheel, like on the AAN engine seen on SJM's website.  
All three sources I consulted referenced a "0" on flywheel to source TDC 
.. not true on my '91 200 20v.  I found another example of the 
non-uniform production of the '91 200tq.  My car must have been at the 
edge of correct timing since I got the car 5 years ago.  It almost 
looked like someone scratched a 0 on the flywheel; my wife (wrenching 
muse) thought so too.  Anyway it's now aligned properly and running 
better than ever and my wife is very happy .. her car now ..  the 1.8t  
A4, not fast enough.

S. Crosbie wrote:

>    I just replaced timing belt on my '91 200 at 160K miles. ...... All 
> appeared to go well until the road test.  After a couple of miles the 
> car lurched very violently (appears to temporarily stall out) just 
> before shift points while accelerating (3rd gear appears worse). ...  
> I  dumped a 2113 error code: hall sender, distributer alignment, 
> position of reference pin incorrect, some of the Bentley sources. .... 
> The distributor hash marks and O on flywheel (very hard to see - 
> rusty) in transmission  housing slot line up and since I didn't loosen 
> the distributer, they shouldn't have moved.  The cam gear mark is 
> perfectly aligned at top arrow on cam cover when other two are 
> aligned.  My local wrench gave some free advice ... check it twice 
> (thrice as it were) and this was well worth the price I paid.  It's 
> still aligned.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.
> Steve
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