Rear Trapezoidal Arm Bushing Removal

S. Crosbie scrosbie at
Sun Apr 11 23:02:07 EDT 2004

Bryan Foster wrote:

>I have a pretty good driver sided rear clunk going over even the smallest
>bumps. Searching the archives I think this is likely the rear trapezoidal
>arm bushings that need replacing.  Looking through the Bentley manual it
>looks easy enough to remove the rear trapezoidal arm.  Anyone have any
>experience with this?
>Are there any special tools required to remove and replace the front and
>rear bushings from the arm?  Afternoon type project?
    I had some serious clunking in the rear  of my '91 200tq last year.  
I first replaced the rear tie rods (or called control arms depending 
where you by them).   They were pretty shot.  The best price I found was 
at Blau (about $100 each).  I still had some rattling when going over 
minor bumps and then I replace the rear lower control arm bushings 
attached to the TZ arm.  There is a good picture on Blau's site under 
"subframe and rear control arm bushings".  The ones that appear to be 
worn most ofter are the one labeled #1 (pair is needed).  While I was in 
there I also replace the other larger bushing.  The best price for the 
bushings was from , $9.25 each for the ones in 
front (need one pair per side) and  $31.14 for the larger inner one 
(only one per side).  No longer any rear clunking.  The car had been 
pulling to one side a bit do to the worn rear tie rod assy. (worse on 
one side).  I had the car re-aligned after all were replaced and it 
tracks like a dream again.  From memory it didn't take any special tools 
and I each side took a couple of hours.  I honestly don't remember if I 
had to use an air hammer or a vice and hammer to take out the bushings - 
but that would have been worse case situation.  Good luck,

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