Subject: Re: Rear Power window failure

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Apr 12 15:54:22 EDT 2004

Worst part of R&R is the damn circlip that must be accssed blind, other than
that it is not to bad.

Yes, you need to apply voltage to the black and green wires - reverse
polarity to test up and down.

Test that you are getting power and ground to the switches first.    I
almost fell into the trap of dissasembling the front door assuming that the
panel/wiring was at fault there, as that switch cluster was the common point
of failure - right!  No - both rear window regs were bad.   Since I did not
know the history of this car, I took a step back to consider that the
P.O.(s) might not have been as religious as me about repairing things
shortly after they go bad, and therefore, maybe they just let them fail
without considering to fix.  Probably why the new owner got the car for half
what I usually see them for.

Replaced with the original ones and some switches too from my '87 which had
more miles on it as well as years.

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> Ben,
> ilage is right.  Switches are good.  If I have to take the door panels off
> guess I will directly apply 12 v to regs to see if they are bad.  Bummer,
> hear they are a pain to R&R.
> Mike
> >My most recent experience with this '91 200q 20v sedan ~ 150 k mi - both
> >rear regulators were shot as well as one of the switches (fried due to
> >short in the reg.)
> >
> >Ben

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