Removing Intake Manifold

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Tue Apr 13 06:09:11 EDT 2004

At 09:06 PM 4/12/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>    I am about to remove the intake manifold to: 1.  replace O rings on 
> the coolant distribution pipe under the manifold, it is beginning to leak 
> in that area  2. finally put in    my group purchase distributor gear and 
> replace dist. rotor.   It looks like I need about an 8" long 6mm allen 
> wrench.  The one I have is too short, and the socket set I own is a 3/8" 
> drive and it looks like only a 1/4" drive will fit through the hole in 
> the manifold.  Has anyone found a good source for a tool to get at these 
> bolts?  I have looked at a couple of local auto parts, and tool shops and 
> haven't found anything that will work.
>Thanks for your help,

I did mine with the intake manifold in place.  Was a little tight but 
doable, I have a shortened allen socket that I often find handy and I may 
have used a u-joint somewhere along the line as well.  I'm a fan of Hylomar 
(the blue goo), in small amounts, for gaskets and most o-rings (except hyd 
pump, of course) - have had great results.

Steve Hackett
Huntington, CT 

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