davidpriebe at cablespeed.com davidpriebe at cablespeed.com
Tue Apr 13 19:14:32 EDT 2004

I have a TAP chip in my S6. It came with it when I bought 
it. A couple of weeks ago I had the IA 3 installed in my 
200. Comparing the S6 to the 200, there is a very dramatic 
difference. With the TAP in the S6, it surges and then 
levels off very quickly, not very smooth at all. With the 
IA in the 200, it is so very smooth and constant. It fits 
so well with the character of the 200. I am much happier 
with the IA then the TAP. And am considering replacing the 
TAP with one from IA.

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  Rbade12 at aol.com wrote:
>I'd appreciate opinions of this item!
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David Priebe
Carnation, WA
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