PS pump belt tightening question

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Wed Apr 14 12:22:26 EDT 2004

You may have too long a belt. My car is not here right now, but I have
records of the three belts as: Conti 13x960,13x915, 11.2x820. I THINK the PS
belt is 13x960. There was some confusion in the book listings, and initially
I had too long a belt.  Check the numbers on your belts.  HTH...somewhat.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> Liser(s): 20V Avant 3B
> I'm at my wits end in tightening the PS belt.
> Besides it (belt) being the wrong size (maybe too big).......I'm stumped.
> Loosen PS mount on block, tinker with adjustment screw...back a forth no
> It takes 4 13mm wrenches and sockets just to do all the
> Adjuster: Cleaned threads with wire brush, oiled, spins smoothly in both
> directions.
> Snapped the long adjuster bolt w/1/4" socket set I'm on the
> bolt.
> I can get it somewhat tight but then the belt has too much play during
> adjustment.
> any BTDT's?  I conquered the alt (thanks Peter) but dread undoing all
> to redo this one again........don't see an adjustment to the center crank
> pulley.
> ................................At least I didn't crack the radiator hose
> nipple.
> -Scott by BOSTON
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