DC Beltway 95/495 Lister?

Thu Apr 15 14:08:35 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

At a touch after 3:00PM yesterday I exchanged no more than a quick shout in traffic with a gent
driving a silver 200TQW (accessorized with a "Q" sticker and a trailer hitch).  I had to make an
immediate exit so couldn't talk, and whoever it was was probably shocked at the way I took off and
veered right to the exit ramp nearly taking out 3 old ladies, the mayor, and a horse.  So, who were

I was on my way back from picking up my latest '91 TQW in Florida (Bamboo, 54,000 documented
original miles..anyone got less out of curiosity?).  I'm going to have two '91 TQW's for sale
starting near the end of the month.  We've now got 7 Audis and 4 wagons so some have to go.  I can't
stack them up like cordwood forever.  There's a great story behind the new one that I'll forward to
the list when I have time.  I have two buyers interested in 1 of the wagons that I've offered to
deal with first, but if you're looking for a new ride keep your eyes open for details soon.

Paul Royal

'67 SS/RS 350 Camaro, 65K miles
'86 4000CSQ, Oceanic Blue, 135K miles
'90 VW Cariolet, White, 55K miles (also for sale soon)
'90 90Q20v, Pearl, 170K miles (also for sale soon)
'91 90Q20v, Titanium, 305K miles
'91 200TQW, Bamboo, 54K miles
'91 200TQW, Lago, 132K miles (for sale soon)
'91 200TQW, Titanium, 170K miles (for sale soon)
'97 A6QW, 68K miles

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