20V Avants

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Sun Apr 18 20:22:12 EDT 2004

Paul's cornering the market!
I like the "stack them up like cordwood"............Now, if you held onto 
them, would they appreciate the 1991 Avant market?  I think your approaching 3% 
of all of them in the USA.
-Scott by BOSTON just one Avant and a sedan too.

Isn't Phil close to 54K in upstate NY?

I was on my way back from picking up my latest '91 TQW in Florida (Bamboo, 
54,000 documented original miles..anyone got less out of curiosity?).    
We've now got 7 Audis and 4 wagons so some have to go.  
I can't stack them up like cordwood forever. 
Paul Royal
'91 200TQW, Bamboo, 54K miles
'91 200TQW, Lago, 132K miles (for sale soon)
'91 200TQW, Titanium, 170K miles (for sale soon)

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