Bosch Pt. No. Throttle Switch Potentiometer 2212 Code

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Mon Apr 19 03:59:36 EDT 2004

Does anyone know the Bosch pt .no. for the throttle switch
potentiometer? Also what is the Audi part no.?
I am getting low boost and the 2212 code. The connections look good so
the switch solder innards are bad.
I can got the top Phillips head screw off after  using needle nose
I cant get the damn bottom screw off. The head is stripped.There is no
room to get pliers around or under it without removing a bunch of stuff
around and underneath. I have tried extensions,etc.
When I get new switch I was thinking of drilling or filing off the
bottom metal plate on the old switch that the bottom screw goes through.
Anyway, thats why I cant read the pt. no. as I cant get the switch off
to read it.
The intent of my post is to get the Bosch pt. no. and find the best
price on this switch. 

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