Bosch Pt. No. Throttle Switch Potentiometer 2212 Code

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Apr 19 09:31:20 EDT 2004

At 2:59 AM -0500 4/19/04, Brice Warnick wrote:
>Does anyone know the Bosch pt .no. for the throttle switch
>potentiometer? Also what is the Audi part no.?
>I am getting low boost and the 2212 code. The connections look good so
>the switch solder innards are bad.

Have you measured the throttle switch resistance values with a 
multimeter and compared them to the Bentley specs? Also, a power 
(boost) loss related to throttle potentiometer can be a symptom of a 
simple misadjustment of the switch position (altho I don't know if 
that would also throw the 2212 code).

It does requires some fiddling to get the meter probe tips positioned 
on the proper connector terminals, but before going to the trouble 
and expense of replacing the part, you ought to do the measurements 
to verify the internal problem.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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