Fuel Injector Rehab

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 17:32:07 EDT 2004

Without getting into the rest of the discussion (but it is a motronic system 
;) ), I'll be curious to see what you find out Tom.

I've got similar issues, doesn't start well when warm, and when I do get the 
car started when warm, I need to keep my foot on the gas, if ever so 
slightly, to keep the car from stalling for about the first 3-5 minutes of 
startup (warm only!).  No problem on deceleration (ie bypass valve), and 
it's not consistent at hot or cold engine temps.  This leads me to discount 
the idle stabilizer.  The other thing I've noticed is it only happens when 
outside ambient is about 70-f and up.

I do have a good fuel filter, I've replaced the check valve, and spark plugs 
are good as well.  I've tried changing the cap and rotor with a spare I had 
around and have not seen a difference.

Kind of a bugger.

Derek P

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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 13:20:57 EDT
Subject: Fuel Injector Rehab
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I'm looking to resolve a persistant warm start problem with my 91 200q.  
starts and hot starts are fine, but a "warm start" -- 15 min to 2 hrs after
running -- produces a very hard start condition, where I usually have to 
through 3 or 4 attempts at starting before success.

Indications most likely point to leaky fuel injectors, and was considering
cleaning them (www.injector.com, unless a better source is warranted) or
replacing them if I can find injectors for significantly less than the $150 
through the various worldpac suppliers.

Has anyone had success with cleaning, or found a much more reasonable source
for replacement injectors?  Alternately, should I be looking elsewhere to
resolve the hard warm start issue?

I figure at 217k miles, the injectors have earned a rehab at the very least.


-- Tom

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