Fuel Injector Rehab

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CIS on a '91 200q20v?!? No way.

The 200q20v is all Motronic EFI!


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Not sure injectors are your problem unless you have clearly identified a
leak or leaks.  You can try replacing the 1 or 2 leaking injectors, if
you see specific ones leaking, w/the original Bosch ($60-$70/injector at
a discount import parts supplier).  Another less expensive alternative
if you want to replace all your injectors is to call www.rceng.com ; I
have a set of RC's (310cc) in my 95.5 urS6 (RS2 mod's-adjustable FPR),
they run great. Just remember the 91 200q20v runs on a CIS fuel
injection system, not the electrical Bosch Motronic electronic fully
adaptive sequential fuel injection/ignition system found in the 92 urS4.
Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

What plugs are you running and when was the last time they were
replaced? Have you checked your distributor to see if there is anything
unusual w/it inside or out (cracks, etc.)? When was the last time you
replaced your fuel filter?

Just my .02


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