OK, now fuel pump replacement and specialty tools...

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Apr 20 09:22:57 EDT 2004

>The question is, which pump to use?  Anyone have suggestions?  Ones to avoid?

I went with the Bosch replacement (slim, 43 mm diameter) and have had 
no problems. Others swear by Pierburg. The Bosch requires an adapter 
(I'm not sure about the Pierburg) See my pump replacement write-up 

>Also, Do I need a special tool to take the old pump out?  Does Anyone have
>this tool?  Alternately, Does anyone anticipate needing this tool in the near
I did need to use the special tool--ordered it after spending an hour 
or more struggling to remove the pump without it. Others claim to do 
it, tool-less, without any problem. I think I have at least average 
strength, so IMO  the difficulty seems to vary from car-to-car. BTW, 
this tool is pretty inexpensive--about $25 from Zelenda. Sorry, but I 
don't have it any more.

>The reason I ask, is that there seems to be a small, but loyal following on
>this list.  Every so often we run into a specialty tool that we may need once,
>or at most twice in the lifetime of our cars.  The fuel pump tool (if needed)
>is a perfect example.  The timing belt tools are another example.
>It would seem to me that the best way to handle this situation is to have a
>small number of people buy these tools, and when it is needed by another
>lister, that lister buys the tool from the previous guy.  By buying 
>from each other,

It's quite common for listers to generously share, rent, or sell 
their special tools to "needy" listers. Just ask.
After you've spend a little more time on the list you'll probably be 
amazed at all the things we've already worked out...


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