Measuring blocks and boost leaks

Brian Link BrianL at
Tue Apr 20 13:25:52 EDT 2004

During full boost I would experience a sudden loss in power. Zero codes
stored.  I ran the output tests and discovered my carbon canister
solenoid valve was not working.  I measured an open circuit across the
terminals,  apparently this doesn't generate a fault code. So I replaced
the valve with no change in performance -Dead End.  Next I pressurized
my intake to 15 psi and noticed no leaks.  So I examined the Measuring
blocks using my prodiag, after a recommended warm up drive, all values
except channel 9 were in spec.  Channel 9 was 200 instead of around 135.
The Bentley says I have a leak between my turbo and MAF.  So I repeat
the pressure test to 24 psi (I run at 26 psi) and notice at about 18psi
I have a leak at the turbo compressor exit.  I remove all the necessary
plumbing and notice my lower turbo to intercooler hose has a tear under
the hose clamp.  So I order the Samco's from Forge motor sports.  For
about the price of just the lower hose I got the pair of Samcos, (Thanks
to the person that posted that to the list) .
Now I am leak free and the car behaves much different.  The power is
back and then some.  I believe I have had this leak ever since I rebuilt
my turbo last year.   

IMO The Block 000 data is very valuable, more so than reading the stored
fault codes when something is just a little out of whack.  

Brian Link
200 20VT, boulder, CO

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