rear calipers

RicebalLDR at RicebalLDR at
Wed Apr 21 21:44:52 EDT 2004

    Hi, I have read some posts on e-brake system problems. Mine seems to 
finally joined the party. Mainly I have run out of e-brake. I have done both the 
pump to reset the pistons with e levers on the pins and adjusted rod under 
center of car. I suspect that the cables or internal caliper system is at fault 
because levers do not return to the pins on their own. Seems to have happened as 
rear pads have worn. Have done cables on a 1990 200 10v not much fun. My 
question is how do you take apart the e-brake levers from the calipers?i.e the 
part that screws the piston out to hold the pads. I want to clean and lube them 
first before I relace the cables$$$$ Any other thoughts. Just got done doing 
the timing belt idler water pump thermostat et all. Not too bad of a job. 
Richard.  1991 200 20v Avant.

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