rear calipers

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The e-brakes in the rear caliper are a major design/maintenance flaw
in the brakes IMO. I believe it is worse in the northern climes, where the
salt creates more corrosion at that place where the lever&rod go into
the caliper.

And its not just the '91 200q, I fought the same problem in my '86 5kq
My present '91 has new cables, the original were fraying where they
came out of the sheath at the caliper. I finally got rebuilt calipers
and was free from the e-brake problem for two years. It seems to have
slowly crept back over last winter, and I dare not use them now till
I get in there and free it up again. Oil it, and push it in and out a bit,
and work it back and forth for a while to free it up.....and finally leave
with a small blob of grease at the entry point.

Count on having to do it again in a year or so......


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>     Hi, I have read some posts on e-brake system problems. Mine seems to
> finally joined the party. Mainly I have run out of e-brake. I have done
both the
> pump to reset the pistons with e levers on the pins and adjusted rod under
> center of car. I suspect that the cables or internal caliper system is at
> because levers do not return to the pins on their own. Seems to have
happened as
> rear pads have worn. Have done cables on a 1990 200 10v not much fun. My
> question is how do you take apart the e-brake levers from the calipers?i.e
> part that screws the piston out to hold the pads. I want to clean and lube
> first before I relace the cables$$$$ Any other thoughts. Just got done
> the timing belt idler water pump thermostat et all. Not too bad of a job.
> Richard.  1991 200 20v Avant.
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