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There used to be a couple of illustrated write-ups on the web, but my
bookmarks no longer work.

To clean up the parking brake actuator linkage part of the rear calipers,
you must totally disassemble the calipers.  This requires removal of the
piston from the cylinder, removal of a retainer clip from the cylinder and
extraction of the threaded stud for the piston.  Beneath that will be what
I've described as a "peanut".  It's a short rod with rounded ends that
pushes on the bottom of the threaded stud for the piston to push the piston
against the brake pad to hold it against the rotor.  That short rod's
internal end sits in a concavity in the inner end of the parking brake
actuator lever.  You have to remove the short rod from contact with the
actuator lever in order to extract the actuator lever from the caliper
housing.  Then you can clean out the housing, relubricate (there is a
special high-temperature brake lube available from the Audi dealer for $$$$
that looks like a heavy petroleum paste) and reassemble.  The most
difficult aspects of this procedure are removing and reinstalling the
retainer clip that keeps the threaded stud in place. 

At 09:44 PM 4/21/2004 -0400, RicebalLDR at wrote:
>    Hi, I have read some posts on e-brake system problems. Mine seems to 
>finally joined the party. Mainly I have run out of e-brake. I have done both 
>pump to reset the pistons with e levers on the pins and adjusted rod under 
>center of car. I suspect that the cables or internal caliper system is at 
>because levers do not return to the pins on their own. Seems to have 
>happened as 
>rear pads have worn. Have done cables on a 1990 200 10v not much fun. My 
>question is how do you take apart the e-brake levers from the calipers?i.e
>part that screws the piston out to hold the pads. I want to clean and lube 
>first before I relace the cables$$$$ Any other thoughts. Just got done doing 
>the timing belt idler water pump thermostat et all. Not too bad of a job. 
>Richard.  1991 200 20v Avant.
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