CV Joints

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Apr 22 13:18:43 EDT 2004

Relatively, in as much as me holding the axle and sombody else banging on it 
with a heavy hammer through a wood block is considered easy.  I mean, I 
couldn't have forced it on with hand pressure, and a vice was imminently 
helpful in securing the axle during the removal process.

Like I'd said, my biggest unknown/time sink was in figuring out a plan for 
those circlips.  Otherwise, would have been a pretty quick job; much easier 
than the radiator or hyd. pump.

Derek Pulvino

>Did you actually have no problem removing the inside joint halves
>from the spline on the axle, and reinstalling them? Getting one of
>mine back on was a major effort last year.
>Replaced both front outer CV boots last weekend.  Pretty easy and
>straightforward job except...those f'in circlips!  ...snip...

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