Heater Evaporator Box Parts

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Fri Apr 23 02:18:07 EDT 2004

A question for George Sidman.
I consider him the expert on this since he has actually done this job 3
I am replacing the blower motor since it is on its dying days. I can
keep it going by sticking a screwdriver and turning the motor in the
hole where the 431 819 307 B hose is. 
No problems with the heater core but I might as well change it while I
am in there. I have both a new blower motor and heater core and both
OEM. I almost got a non OEM heater core. What a mistake that would have
I have ordered the 8 OEM gaskets in 5 part nos. 431 819 211 A, 431 819
225, 443 819 225, 443 260 423 and 443 819 229 A.
I have also ordered 5 of the metal clamps 321 819 059. It takes 10 but I
figured that 5 would get me by good. Some are rusted and some are not
and I cant see the ones underneath,.
I thank you for steering me away from getting the 2076A flap alignment
tool and the 2075 pulling tool. Bentley 87.31 and 87.18
My question is, what about the 3 springs? 
There is a 443 819 781 tension spring and 2 431 819 443 thick big
springs on each side of the box. Are these worth replacing while I am
doing this job? They are cheap to buy from the dealer.
I also got the big rubber grommet that the 2 hoses fit through on the
firewall.it was not listed on the ETKA but only pictured. The part no.
431 819 699. The original is all ripped and degraded.
When I get this job done my  WHOLE cooling system will be new. All
switches,clamps,hoses, switches, both radiators,resivour,heater valve,
water pump, aux. pump, mounts,etc.
Are there any other other parts that I would want to look at getting
ahead of this job? 
I have got plugs for both hoses and both inlets on the core when I
disconnect them. Also the plugs on the hoses will allow the hoses to be
pulled through the firewall so that I can put the new grommet in. 

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