Catalytic converter location in 3B ES/2 conversion

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Apr 23 13:27:45 EDT 2004

Has anybody found multi-cat system parts ?  I don't remember where this came
from, but it was posted recently to some motorhead forum:

3-cat WRX system:

The thread containing the photo, with lots of turbo system component pics:

Now personal preferences aside, I assume most listers don't think WRXes 
are total
dogs ;)  If subie has a 3-cat system working, I wonder if we can adapt 
something similar
to keep our local EPA hounds off our backs.


Mark Suttner wrote:

>My son Andy is performing a Coupe ES/2 3B conversion.  It will have a 3"
>exhaust system and we want to keep the catalytic converter.  He has looked
>to find a high flow 3" catalytic converter in the correct size to fit the
>factory location which is shoe horned between the transmission and the body
>but found nothing so far.  We are wondering since he plans to delete the
>front or first muffler anyway if it is possible to locate the cat just
>before the rear axel where the first muffler used to be?  There is plenty of
>space there the only question would be will this location allow the cat to
>do its job effectively?

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