Heater Box Rebuild

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Fri Apr 23 14:17:11 EDT 2004

I replaced every hose in the cooling system when I put in both
radiators. I got the 5in hose in without taking the steering pump off.
It took a while. I almost used the wrong kind of hose there but got the
right OEM high heat hose from Scott.
I had bought an OEM hose kit with all the hoses in it but some were
wrong. It took me 3 tries and over a month to get the right elbow hose.
If I remember right there was some kind of drawing error that kept
giving me the 10V elbow hose as with one of the wrong heater hoses as
What about the tension spring and the 2 side springs on the box?

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